Laser vs Hand Stamping

Hand stamping and engraving are techniques used to personalise jewellery. Hand stamping is done by hand and although engraving was once done by hand it is now widely done by machine due to modern advanced technology.

Most engraved jewellery is done by machine for a variety of reasons. Machines eliminate human error. Some are engraved by a diamond tip whilst others use laser, either way a neat finish is achieved on both the front and the back and give a perfect look with evenly spaced and consisted indentation of letters. These are mostly used commercially.

Hand stamping is the traditional way and is performed by hand using steel stamps and a hammer as pictured above. Each design and letter is stamped one at a time. The stamper lines up the stamp by eye, holds it in place and strikes the steel stamp with a hammer to impress the metal with the design or letter. Hand stamped jewellery will have differences in character depth and spacing which gives it a charming look. Sometimes marking or indentation can be present on the back of the pieces due to the movement of the metal.

The charm of hand stamped jewellery is the rustic and charming imperfection, it is the art form and each stamper has their own unique artistic technique visible on each individual handcrafted piece. In essence it is one of a kind and the only one like it in the world!