Snowdrop Memorial Baby Keepsakes

My new range of personalised baby loss jewellery and keepsakes are ideal for those who have lost their baby. A hand made piece are for both parents, families and friends who would like a special memorial to remember their loved one.

 My hand stamped, hand crafted jewellery have been created to not only celebrate life but to carry the memories of those who you have lost wherever you go. When a mother suffers the loss of a baby or child, she is left with an emptiness and a broken heart. No matter what the situation, a pregnancy loss, stillbirth or death of an infant or older child wearing a piece of hand made jewellery in remembrance of the baby or child can remind you that the connection and love for that child will last forever.

I am truly honoured when I am asked to make a special keepsake and memorial piece of jewellery, whether it is one of my own designs or a personalised piece.

 All my personalised jewellery pieces are hand crafted and hand stamped. Hand stamped means each letter is placed by hand and not a machine making each piece truly unique. Part of the uniqueness that I love is that each letter is not aligned perfectly, this is by no means a flaw but adds to the charm of the piece.